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I'm Jake Ross. I'm an accountant with a degree in economics and experience as an environmental researcher. I grew up in Forest Lake and have lived here for nineteen years. My mother is a public school teacher and proud union member. I have two younger siblings - my sister is in college and my brother is about to graduate from high school. I love my hometown and our district.

I'm running to be your state representative because I want to build a strong economy that works for everyone, and ensure a bright future for District 33A. I want our state to be a place where everyone's fundamental rights are respected, where our environment is cared for, and where people like my brother and sister can grow up safe and healthy.

Together, we can build on the progress of the last two legislative sessions and keep addressing the issues that families in Minnesota care about. We can make sure that Minnesota stays a great place to live - no matter what happens in other states or at the federal level.

I'd be honored if you'd join me.

Thanks for submitting!

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